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A Well-Rounded Community

Keller, Texas prides itself on being a charming blend of Old and New, providing residents with the best living qualities that life has to offer. It is also a hub for a variety of activities throughout the city and the countryside. Technology, art, business, and nature are all encouraged to grow and thrive in Keller, giving the residents a wide range of unique opportunities.

Work and Business Opportunities

Despite being a small town, Keller has a generous mixture of job opportunities. The city is only a few miles away from the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, and is home to several school districts with all levels of education from elementary to University. The expanding population is creating opportunities for new business startups such as a medical supply store or a new plumber in Keller.

The Citizens of Keller Love Their Town

The residents of this fine city have many activities and city centers open to them. The city’s community center, The Keller Pointe, offers a plethora of activities and club events for the neighboring citizens to become involved with. The Keller Public Library, Senior Activity Center, and the various shopping areas allow everyone to have an endless number of choices to stay busy.

Keller Has Many Recreational Adventures

Keller is home to many different parks, amusement and city parks alike, as well as several different hiking trails and art programs. Some amusement parks in Keller are DFW Adventure Park and Tornado Terry’s Family Amusement Park. The hiking trails lead to fantastic views of lakes and parkways. Programs for the arts and environment are available at the Town Hall.

There is Much to See and Do in Keller

With endless choices from beautiful hiking trails, amusement parks, and shopping districts, Keller, Texas offers visitors and residents alike an unforgettable experience. The city always has events happening to keep everyone entertained and the different art programs allow for new and old artists to contribute to the city’s décor. The environment programs help make sure the city’s trails and parks remain healthy.